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Forever judging people based on their opinion of Sansa Stark.

Closing my eyes doesn’t help. Fire burns brighter in the darkness.

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me watching the vampire diaries

why am i doing this again

*looks at stefan*

oh yeah

Divergent + Blue and Orange.

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Meredith, i’m not sure how to do this. i’m not a psychic. apparently, i’m not much of a banshee either.  b u t   i ’ m   t r y i n g   t o  h e l p   m y   f r i e n d s […] but if i have this thing, it’s got to work some of time.  i t ’ s { g o t }  t o  h e l p  s o m e o n e. maybe what i really wanted to say was

                   i ’ m   s o r  r  y  . i wish i could’ve helped you . i’m sorry.

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i'm not like you guys. i don't have claws or super senses. i just have voices in my head.

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Phoebe Tonkin and Daniel Gillies at SDCC 2014, TO panel.

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i’m a good person why can’t I marry Michael Fassbender?


Moi meme: 1/5 male characters

Rick Grimes: "…for what it’s worth, you see mistakes. I see when the shit hits, you’re standing there with a shovel."

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